1 Year Games

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What are 1 Year Games?

1 Year Games - these are the online games we want to offer to newborn babies, from the first year of life. Simple and easy games that we think can play even 1-year-olds.

As you can see, the new children's games are not complicated at all, we will try to add in this category only games that can be accessed by children together with their parents, games from which to find out how to name the objects around them, or to learn the colors, learn some new words and possibly the numbers up to 10. Although all babies do not understand much until the age of 1 year we intend to acquaint them with the technology and learn how to press on a knot, which is letters or numbers.

A lot of these games are with child because we want to make the connections between these games with your baby. All these games can be played by just tapping and pressing one single button.