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What are A Bugs Life Games?

A bug's life is an animation film appeared in 1998 and produced by Pixar studios. The film has the main character an ant named Flik, who will have to defend their colonies from some cockroaches Dashers. Because Flik, is a character very nice play-games.com bring this personage in the front on A bug's life games. All of these games are intended to entertain in specially if you saw the movie A Bug's life. The story starts when, Flik feels threatened by some insect evil that will destroy his colonies, and the latter to defend themselves into it, and all his group, decided to make an army along with other bugs that he thought they would help. Unfortunately for Flik, the army which clasped has proved to be an army filled with cockroaches keepers that were not fit for nothing. Flik and the rest of the ants colony are led by the Princess Atta and his mother, who is the queen. These adventures you will also find on our site in a bug's life games, games that will lead you closer to the story that fascinated you. Flik, have to fight with a group of insects evil led by Hopper, which they came in each season to steal food scurryings of ants. But this time, everything is more complicated, because Flik is very brave and is willing to defend their colony. So he can fight like a true warrior, Flik has built an army, together with which it was going to fight until the end. The Army proposed Flik, was one lazy with soldiers ventured, but Flik was always resourceful and confident he would make it. Other ants from colony didn't trust him, and he wanted it disappears during the fight to get rid of him and so that they could run in other places. Finally, Flik was a real hero and fought to the end for his ants. After a fight that seemed to him that doesn't seem to come to an end and many to say and failures, ants have managed to defend with honor colony. The bugs were wicked and, after this battle it is possible that they never come back to embarrass again colony. Ants have been soaring projects of Flik, and Princess Atta has recognized at last that she likes him. The two were very happy together and enjoyed harder when Atta has been called the new queen of colony. Friv-games.com, brings you this story on the site on a bug's life games, with the intention to relive the moment of intensity of the film. We hope that our games are pleasant to all, and if you find other games with a bug's life that you want to play on play-games.com you just need to write us, and we will fulfill your wish immediately.