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What are Alice and Lewis Games?

Alice in Wonderland is and always is going to be one of the most celebrated fairytales in the entire world, and that is not at all surprising, since this book and story have survived the test of times for over more than a hundred years now, and the story keeps being retold in new ways all the time, such as movies or television shows, just to mention a few.

One of the newest animated series for kids to depict a version of this story and characters is now airing on Boomerang in many countries of the world, and it is called simply Alice & Lewis, a series for which online games are already available, so our team wasted no time at all in creating the Alice and Lewis Games category!

If you’ve not seen the show before but would like to know more about it before playing the games based on it on our website, we invite you to keep on reading this article and discover this world!

Boomerang’s Alice & Lewis: the wonderful characters and their story.

Alice is a six-year-old blonde girl with short hair who one day discovers a magical key that allows her to open the door to the even more magical world of Wonderland, where anything can happen, and that is where she met her new best friend, a talking rabbit called Lewis.

This alternate world is ruled by the Queen, someone who does not like Alice and the fact that she is nowhere, so she does all sorts of nasty things to make Alice’s day worse, but she and Lewis always get past their challenges and have a fun time.

Each new episode presents some magical characters of this new world, and through their adventures, they not only have lots of fun but also learn valuable lessons that the children watching the shows should also remember and try to apply in their real lives!

Play the best games with Alice and Lewis, only on our website!

This new show has been around only for a short time, but there are already new online games you can play based on them, such as one where you have to find various items through images taken from the episodes of the series, or an awesome jigsaw puzzle game where other screenshots are separated into pieces that you have to put back together.

These are just the first two games added here, but we’re sure that memory games with cards, coloring games, or other classic formats like this will follow, and provide you with even more fun!

Of course, this show is only in its heyday, meaning that the more years it is going to be on the air, the more new Alice & Lewis Games online are going to appear on the internet, and you can bet whatever you want that on our website you will find them first, so we hope that you come back here as often as possible so you don’t miss out on any of the fun!