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What are Alice's Wonderland Bakery Games?

Everyone is invited to the Alice's Wonderland Bakery Games category, with our administrative team being delighted that we could share this content with you as soon after the premiere of the show as we did, with this being a brand new Disney Junior original show that started in 2022, and, of course, it takes part of the Alice in Wonderland animated universe that is now in the hands of Walt Disney Pictures, who have kept this story in really good hands, since before this awesome cartoon we had other animated movies, series, and even some really popular live-action motion pictures.

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While her name might be Alice, she is not Alice Pleasance Liddell, the main character of the original book, but actually her great-granddaughter, which brings the universe in our modern times, but with its familial magic. This cute blonde girl works at the Wonderland Bakery, where not only does she bake the tastiest cakes, but she also goes on adventures through the various kingdoms of this magical universe and learns about their most popular dishes, adventures in which she is joined by various friends.

In addition to the title character, the main cast also consists of:

The characters hang around, cook tarts and pies, throw picnics, take photos of their adventures, meet new friends and foes, learn about food, life, and strengthen their bonds as friends.

Of course, together with them through our games with Alice's Wonderland Bakery, girls can be just like Alice and cook some of the most delicious baked foods in the entire world, both the magical and the normal one!