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What are Ana The Pirate Games ?

Ana The Pirate is one of the classical TV animated shows, which must be known by you because it has been a kind of phenomen among the animated series and cartoons, due to fact that the series presents a great situation of this little girl animated character, who's fate is changing from episode to episode. We've created this awesome category of games for you because lately, there have appeared new games in 2017, with the beautiful little adventurous girl Anna, who could easily be a perfect icon and model for all the kids of her age, because of her imagination and not only, because of her adventurous spirit, which allows her to be whatever she wants and most importantly, to cut off from the reality! Now that you know this I guess that you are looking forward trying a couple of new games with your favourite girl, Ana, so let's cut the waiting and start it right now, but firstly, for those ones of you who don't know what is this series about, let's find out a couple of significant details, like the whole story of Ana, the pirate! She is an ordinary black and so beautiful girl, who's got an normal fate, but do not let yourself deceived by the appearances, because while nobody is paying attention, she is such a great pirate, the adventurer over the ocean and not only. All of those things, happen only while she is in her bathtub so that bathtub is a kind of portal for her, from the real world, the reaility we all know, to a mystical and magical world, where she is the greatest adventurer alive, a great pirate whose main goal is to accomplish his targets and teach kids, just like all of we are, a lot of important things about respect, loyality, responsibility, confidence and this kind of life values, which Ana has got. When she makes a mistake, she admits it and do her best for changing it, so that's why she's a real model for you. Fight on by sea or ocean and conquer them all. She makes the other opponents go away from her face but she hasn't too many friends, no significant one at all, because she's a real pirate, alone and so confident. She fights for justice, despite of the other concers of the other pirates so her bathtub, transforms in her important and essential pirate ship, which is a main part in every single pirate's life. So, this is Ana, the teen adventurer from the cartoon with the same name and now, let's try a couple of games alongside her, where the main goal is to make her accomplish every task required from the games. She's an adventurer, so you'll only play with her during her pirate life, not her orinary one. There will be special challenges for you, like math quiz, jelly matching games, coloring games with special coloring books, puzzle and jigsaw adventures only for you, with sequences from her adventurous sea life or even memorizing game, with different cards. There is a wide range of types of games, gathered up in a couple of complexe and so funny games. Let's start it right now and make sure that you and your friends will enjoy Ana and her adventures. Do not forget that it is a must for you to make Ana feel at least as good as she is feeling while she's on her pirate ship so if you can't do this, she will definitely go away disappointed. Do your best and enjoy this beautiful games category, dedicated for players just like you and your special friends! Ana is going to be so thankful to you but firstly, you have to give her a couple of reasons why she should be like this. Become her right hand and work in team for different game situations so let's start everything by now, trying our best games with Ana the pirate!