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What are Andi Mack Games ?

Andi Mack is an ordinary 12-year-old teen girl from a pretty calm city and she has always been keen on hanging out with her best friends, Buffy and Cyrus, playing with frisbee and she is also in some really good relationship with her parents. She also has a mysterious elder sister named Bex, who is a mystery for her because she doesn't spend too much time alongside the family but right now, there it comes Andi's 13rd Birthday Party celebration and Bex has just announced her presence, so she proves that she is actually a caring sister at all. The action from the story of Andi Mack, from the fresh appeared Disney Movie, is released by Bex's home arrival, which makes Andi happy but also reveals a big and so shocking truth from their past, a revelation which Andi's parents, Celia and Ham, have been always afraid to get out to the surface, so they have been knowing it all this time. I guess you are wondering right now what is everything about so let's find out, together of course! Firstly, Bex acted normally with her beloved younger sister so they've shared together Bex's memory box, with so many photos and memories, a box which worried so much Andi's parents and Andi has been warn about it since Bex has arrived. Anyway, they have been spending such a quality time together, and Bex has just found out that Andi was infatuated with a boy from her school, named Jonah. Bex helped Andi and Jonah get together, by setting up a kind of meeting between them, with the main reason of playing frisbee. After Johan had seen the talent that Andi's gotten in the frisbee domain, he has invited her to join them in the school team of frisbee, thing which made Andi so glad. After a short time, Andi has gotten shocked because she has just found out that Johan has a girlfriend, named Amber, thing which made Andi so upset especially on Bex, her elder sister, who had no idea about Amber. However, Andi gets cooler after Johan had texted her and she and Bex have continued sharing memories together, until she has found a photo there, in the memory box, with Bex holding a baby. That baby was actually Andi so Bex is actually Andi's mother, which means that Celia is Andi's grandmother so that was the big shock in their lives. From now, everything changes in their lives but despite Andi's curiosity, Bex refuses to tell her yet about the identity of her father from personal reasons. From now, everything is getting even better so you have either to watch the movie, which has just been released by Disney Channel, or get alongside us and play so many funny, ability, insight, adventure, coloring or puzzle games alongside Andi Mack and her friends, trying to get along with the as you've never got with anyone else. This is the freshest Disney movie launched, appeared only on 7th April of this year so let's join this awesome and so cool world of mysteries and love mixed with friendship and fights sometimes, of the beautiful fresh 13-year-old girl, named Andi Mack, whose life has just changed radically since her real mother, Bex, arrived home! Try all kind of adventures and games, from girl games to boy games, insight ones to logical sometimes, maybe matching games, puzzle and definitely coloring books games with Andi, but so many other surprise games, which could easily be found by you only in this awesome games category named Andi Mack Games, a special category dedicated to the great teen girl, Andi Mack and her family and friends, all of them ready to meet you!