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What are Angel Friends Games?

Angel Friends Games is another game category added on our site where everything that you consider to be cool, could happen around and around and you would definitely be making all the stuff that you think are important in order to become closer and closer to the stuff that really matter. Prepare all the things that you consider to be cool and show us that you could be capable of becoming the best around there. We would definitely ensure you that all the things that are done over there without any problems at all. We are surely going to be teaching you the stuff that could be important in these series. Well, it has come the time when you need to stay and hear everything that you consider to be great and cool over and over again. There are going to be four main angels that you need to look after. They are called Raf, Uri, Sweet and Miki and together they would try to do everything that is good to the world. But, the story does not end here because there are going to be four evil angels as well. They would be Sulfus, Kabale, Gas and Cabiria. It seems that on earth there is a special school, in which they are going to be taught the most precious ways in they have to become guardians angels or devils. Over there, you would encounter a lot of interesting facts and conflicts, but we are sure that you could consider everything around there to be awesome because it does not matter at all. So, the main thing that they have to do is to pair. One devil and angel that they have to do everything in order to protect a human specified by the juries. It is going to be a great adventure because a human has to have good and definitely bad parts as well. It is in the human nature and otherwise they would not coexist. Prepare with everything that you consider to be awesome and teach us every single stuff that you would be doing over and over again in order to reach the situations that are really important. Prepare a lot and tell us the way you have felt over there. Be aware because the adventures in which you would be put, are going to take you to different situations and we are not sure that we can protect everything that is going to be around yourself. Show us the things that you are going to be awesome about and never forget to manage to behave just fine. It is a great game that you are about to meet. The rules are simple. THe human just has to choose what side should he pick. If he would to pick the bad side, then the devil would win, or otherwise the angel. They cannot work together at once and they must not tell the human who they are. It is quite simple but not that easy as you expect it to be. To pursue a human to become good or evil is one of the most difficult task you have ever encountered. It is for sure something that you have to consider to be great around here. There are going to be challenge rooms in which all the contestants have their time and the one that wins would have their first move on the human. Without getting to know that, Raf, the main character and the angel seems to fell in love with the devil guardian and we are talking about Sulfus. Even if he cannot tell her that, he has difficult times hiding his feelings. It is going to be a great journey both for you and both for these angels or devils. Prepare to have a great time with these awesome characters that you are about to play with. Good luck and do not hesitate to tell us everything that you have felt around and around because it really depends on you and the feelings that you could connect with each other.