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What are Arthur Games?

In the new Arthur games you'll meet Arthur Read, the main character of animated series called Arthur. It is an animated serial for children, in which it is presented Arthur`s life, a rabbit that lives with his family in the city Elwood. The series is based on the books written by Mark Brown and called Arthur. Sitcom production started in the year 1994, and the premiere was in September 2 1996, the series is divided into seasons, and each season has more than 200 episodes. Arthur Timothy Read, the main character is always dressed in a pullover yellow and blue jeans and he is wearing round glasses. Arthur has a lot of friends, and one of them is Buster, which is him best friend. Arthur lives in a small house with his parents, and with his two younger sisters. This is in love about sport, and in the serial in many times you meet him playing football, baseball or basket, and sometimes we can see him playing the piano because Arthur is talented also in music. Arthur has a childhood heavy enough for the fact that it imagines always things he was afraid he might happen. However, Arthur is trying to teach them on those around him to be good to each other and to love each other regardless of the character of each of us. David Read, is Arthur`s father who likes very much to cook, and for this reason he has a business in delivered food at home. Jane Read is the mother, and it works at home like counter. Dora Winifred Read is the younger sister of Arthur and she is 4 years old. She is now going to the kinder garden and in spite of the fact that sometimes quarrels between Arthur and she, they love each other very much. Katilyn Read, is the baby of the family, having only one year when he arrived in the world, and recently it has been found that little Katy can communicate very well with Arthur`s dog called Pal. Dog's name mean partner, and Arthur loves him very much because it is a very loyal dog. Buster Baxter is the best friend of Arthur, this is a rabbit full of life and who likes very much to eat. Buster lives with his mother Bitzi since his parents were divorced, and his father Bo, is a pilot and is gone almost all the time. Buster has a rich imagination and he likes to believe that there are aliens, and when it's a strange thing happen he put the blame on aliens immediately. Alice Francine Frensky, is Arthur`s best friend. She lives in an ordinary house together with her parents, her sister, and her cat called Nemo. Even if she hasn't a very good financial situation, Francine is not considered a poor person and she learn a lot at school to become an important person. Her father work as garbage man, but Francine doesn't beaten and she is always with the smile on her face. Another character is Alan, who is also called The Brain, due to the fact that is the most intelligent. It is afro american and carries a secret like at the first year of kindergarten he made part of the group with children with special needs because it was crying very much. Mary Alice Crosswire called Muffy is best friend with Francine. Muffy is a rich and spoiled girl, her father is the manager of a company called Crosswire Motors. This has a big brother named Chip, who taught in a university in Florida. Along with these characters we meet here Binky Barnes, Prunella Deegan, Sue Ellen and many others, all friends with Arthur. The series presents a story of rabbits, which have habits and living as well as people. Because rabbits are through children favorite animals, the series has been and is pursued by children from all over the world. Therefore we offer you the most beautiful Arthur games. If you find other Arthur games on which has not been published, please tell us, and we will publish your desired game in the shortest time possible.