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What are Astro Boy Games?

Astro Boy is a Japanese animated serial, written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka and it was broadcast from the year 1952 up to the year 1968. Original name of cult is Mighty Boy, but in most of the countries all the people has know the series with the name Astro Boy. The series presents the story of an Android called Astro Boy, who has a lot of interesting adventures. The series is actually a science fiction, which is happening in a world where robots and people are living together. In spite of the fact that the series has been produced in the year 1952, the success had pushed the producers to relaunch the series in March 2015. For this reason brings for you the new Astro Boy games, in which you will make a wonderful journey in the universe along with the main character of cult. Astro Boy is an adroid powerful created by Dr. Tenma, the leader of the Science Ministry, which he had lost his son in a car accident. Instead his son wanted to create another boy who would be his consolation, but with the passage of time Dr. Tenma has noted that Astro Boy will not grow as a man. Because of this he sent Astro Boy on a circus, where he was treated in the most brutal way possible. Toby Tenma, the lost son of Dr. Tenma, doesn`t had a very good terms with his father, but despite of this Dr. Tenma wanted to make a reply from his son, whom he planted all his memories. Dr. Tenma, however, wanted to create a scientific discovery like no other and for this reason he entered into the android created the most powerful things possible. It was thinking that apart from the fact that he will regain the boy, the new Toby will be a protector strong enough to protect him from the robots whom want to destroy the humanity. All his plans were destroyed when he decided that the android is not helping him. Arrived at the circus, Astro's role was to show its powers that he had and which shall consist of: 100K (Horsepower strength, jet Flight, high intensity lights in his eyes, adjustable hearing, instant language translation, a retractable machine gun in his hips, and a high IQ capable of determining if a person is good or evil. Most Astro Boy's enemies are robots who hate humanity which Astro defend and fight for it. In a performance that Astro gave it at the circus, was present the new leader of the Minister of Science, Professor Ochanomizu which, has decided to get Astro home with him. Astro has become the guardian of the professor, and Ochanomizu noticed in time that Astro even has humanity and behaves like a man. In most episodes Astro must fight with the evil robots who want to destroy humanity. Toby is forced to struggle against them because people are too weak to take such a fight, and he is strong enough to accomplish such a fight. In the new series of cartoons, the story is based on the same big powers that Toby has, but the design from the serial and characters are now presented in a modern way. Toby`s appearance was changed, before taking his features a Japanese and wearing underclothes caught with a large belt, it now looked like a modern boy, dressed in fashion clothes that any teenager. In the new film called Astro Boy we will meet Cora, a tomboy which become Toby`s best friend. The name of android, remained Toby, because, that`s how Dr. Tenma named him when he gave his life, but everyone knows him as Astro Boy. The series appeared in the year 1952, and has kept the story in the original way appeared in 2015, the characters being the only which have undergone changes. Because of that, you will encounter the story and the characters in Astro Boy games, looking modern like teen rebels. We hope that our suggested games to be on your liking and we wish for you to have fun being part of this great science fiction. If you find other Astro Boy games on which we do not have published please tell us, and we will publish your proposed game in the shortest possible time.