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What are Atomic Puppet ?

Hello boys and girls and let's get ready for one of the most special adventure you could have ever get through, an adventure which you are going to meet right here, on this special gaming site, full of special games offered by our incredible web site, only for you and your friends and for your amusement, of course. I guess that most of you are fans of Disney and this is normally because they've definitely gotten some of the greatest movies and TV animated series for kids and even grown children so this is exactly the case of Atomic Puppet too. Disney XD has just approached the awesome TV animated series named Atomic Puppet, who has been launched firstly in France and then it was approached by Disney XD too, at the end of the last year. You might have seen it on your own TV or maybe on the Internet and if you did it, you definitely would hope to play a couple of games alongside your favourite heroes from Atomic Puppet, because they are so great in the movie and so they are in the games! Finding some games with Atomic Puppets was almost impossible until not long ago so we thought that it would be so great if you could play some games with your favourite ones anytime you want, so that's why this gaming category is dedicated for all of you! In the following lines, there will be presented to you the storyline of the awesome TV animated show, Atomic Puppet, for those one who are just curious and haven't followed their adventure on TV, because this category is not only dedicated for the fans of the series, but for all of you, kids, because there you can find so many interesting and catching games for you! Anyway, let's start with the story of the series! Captain Atomic is such a great super hero, probably one of the best in the world and he has so many powers and of course, it involves much responsibility too and fame. He is famous among the kids especially from all around the world so one day, when he was shaking his hand with a 12-year-old kid, who was actually one of his greatest fans, his whole powers have been sacked and the greatest hero from once upon a time, is not a puppet! Not it is puppet atomic not Captain Atomic so this is so terrible for the fate of the city, because he has been betraied by his sidekick, who was always hungry for the power and fame. Right now, the only thing left to do for Captain Atomic, in order to get his powers back, is to make up a team with the little kids Joey, and together they must fight all the bad people and villains among the citiy, for getting his powers back. This thing is so difficult, so that's why it is so catching because you never know what it is going to happen, if they manage to fight more experienced and powerful enemies then them or they die trying! The series also teaches kids a valuable lesson, to never give up despite the awful circumstances you are getting through and this is so important. This is the story so I guess that now, you are even more attracted by this fantastic Atomic Puppet show and games category so let's try a couple of so fantastic games, with the special characters from Atomic Puppet! Try all kind of memorizing games, puzzle and jigsaw adventures, maybe some coloring books challenges or even some logical tasks, all of them having in the foreground either Joey or the great Captain Atomic or Atomic Puppet! From now, everything left to be said for you is have a lot of fun and feel the real taster of the adventure, danger and action, once with playing these incredible games alongside the Atomic Puppet characters!