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What are Azoomee Games?

Azoomee Games is without a doubt one of our more special categories of games to have been created by our team, and it is precisely for that reason we are very excited to have done that, even more so since we are positive that there are not many other websites to have added these kinds of games before, so once again we show you why our website is always a trailblazer, and why you should always be around here to catch all the latest games!

What is Azoomee?

Well, this is a media platform that consists of a website, mobile apps, as well as television networks and shows, with one of the latest brands to have been taken under this umbrella being that of the Da Vinci Kids network, for example.

On Azoomee children can watch television shows and specials that are aimed to both entertain them and educate them, and some of them maybe you know. Alvin and the Chipmunks, Earth to Luna, What’s Your Problem, Finding Stuff Out, and many more.

The platform also offers a series of original Oomee Games, which features the cast of original characters called Oomee, together with which children can develop various skills while having lots and lots of fun, of course.

Now, you no longer need to be on the platform to play these games, since you can easily do it for free on your website, directly from your browser on your computer, or even on a phone or tablet. Let’s see what they are all about, then, shall we?

What are the best Oomee Games to play online?

Well, for starters, we are going to introduce you to the first five games we’ve brought over to this page, but this is only the beginning, as there is no doubt in our minds that more games are soon to come, and you will eat them up immediately!

You can play awesome skill games where you have to pop items really fast and get better at clicking, jumping games where you hop around without stopping or get better timing and aiming abilities by trying to break a pinata.

You can also join these colorful characters that are really funny in learning various dances from all around the world, or you can play cooking games as well, where for starters you are going to cook some delicious cake, and more dishes are going to follow.

No children will get bored playing games with Azoomee here for free, that’s for sure, and while they are going to have a great time, their parents will also notice that their various skills have improved, and they can bet that it is because of these games!

Now that you also know about the wonderful world of these games we now offer you, nothing should stop you from starting to play them right now, and have fun as it is possible only here, where we hope to see you back day after day and keep having fun!