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What are Backgammon?

With Backgammon you will be able to develop your creativity and strategy of attack, because these joucuri will put you mind to and beyond. Backgammon is probably the most played games of reality, and now online, Capelin for team thought to create a special category with the most beautiful backgammon games that you play in free mode. Backgammon games are offered for free to all players, whether it is Backgammon for beginners, amateurs, toddlers or as it is a board game to advance to experts and people with a culture and thinking of the game where logic often must recognize that and make much luck. Well, we invite you to play your best Backgammon in the new game and try to get more quickly to end the tasks that you have because only in this way you will be able to earn increasingly more points, you will become a true Guru plates and that's the purpose that we invite you to try these Backgammon. Each board will have to properly position the Backgammon before the game began, then throwing buttermilk is necessary to see what moves will have to apply. New strategy game is to find optimal solutions so you manage to get as many of the pieces circles as partner for each of them you get a bonus depending on how good was the movement. team thought to add you daily backgammon in the new category of online games just created it, and you expect a comment from each backgammon in which you tell us how you were -They seemed great value games that we play them every day. If you feel that a game was not hesitant to your liking you give a Like or +1 so your friends you make public.