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What are Bad Hair Day Games?

In this category you will find beautiful game of skill, adventure, creativity, action and so on with our heroine in Disney series, Laura Marano. Ball Games Day is one of the nicest categories appeared on our website, where you have to work hard to fulfill your tasks successfully, and to gather more points. In the category of games with prom day points are very important because if you do it well you may have the chance to get among the best players. If you fail the first attempt, you must not give up. The game is quite difficult so we have to try several times until you achieve your goal successfully and have the chance to become a top player. In these games prom day must be careful in the beginning because then receive instructions that will help much, because you will explain what you need to do to achieve your goal successfully. Besides it depends on you how well you will do. In this category you have in the forefront our heroine from Disney Channel, Laura Marano, who plays Monica, a beautiful young woman who is going to go to prom. Monica dreams since she was little like a prom queen and wants to be in my heart that i dream come true, but to succeed you must get to the ball and look perfect because it already has the votes colleagues. In the morning homecoming, Monica realizes he has problems with hair as she sits on all sides. It tries to find a solution because if your hair does not sit perfectly will not be able to win the title of prom queen. Meanwhile an FBI agent arrives in town looking for a thief who stole a very precious necklace. By chance Monica necklace reach is accused of stealing time, even when I thought I can not have more bad luck. Monica explain to the police that she is not looking for the thief and turn along perpetrators. The two girls were part of many adventures through the city and eventually managed to catch the thief and solve the mystery. Monica gets to the ball and manages to fulfill his dream of becoming homecoming queen. It is very important in these games prom day to work hard and be careful, because the only way you will go out all tasks. Day Ball Games are for all age group, both girls and boys so sure you will find some games that you like. Although it seems a simple matter will not rush to judgment because the game is quite difficult and as you progress you will give higher levels of obstacles that will give you big headaches. Laura Marano is a very good actress who starred in the Disney show Austin and Ally and has millions of fans worldwide. Besides being a good actress, Laura Marano is a excellent singer with several pieces with famous singers. Pay us a like if you enjoyed day games prom and leave us a comment with your opinion about Laura Marano.