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What are Bagel and Becky Games?

Welcome dear friend again on our website, we are glad that you are here now again with us. We prepared for you something new, the best that we have and we hope you will like it. But before to start with presenting you the category, we will present you our website and what we do all day for you. First of all, our website, the website that you have chosen today is called This website is destinated for you, for you to play and to have fun with our games. Great, now we can talk about this website and about what we prepared today for you. This website was created a few years ago and in this few years we managed to add hundreds of games and we are happy when we see that you play them. On our website you will see that the background has the blue color. We also have a mascot and he is very eager to see and play together, the funny thing is that our mascot is a weird dragon, we cannot explain what he exactly is but you can play with him because is very friendly and you will love him like we all do. On our website we have a lot of categories like categories for boys where we included games with cars, adventure games, strategy games, ability games, Ben 10 games and of course, we have categories with games for girls too. In the left side, on our website you will be able to see the categories and you can choose one and after that to play the games which are in that category. Because we all want what is good for you and because we love to see you happy, we add every day categories and new games for you. Today we will talk about a new category and amazing category that we are sure that you will love. Our website is one of the best website where you can play different type of games. If you want to have fun, this is the best place to be. And now you are ready to talk about this new category and we hope you will like. The newest category on our website, the most interesting category with new games is here, the category is called Bagel and Becky Games. The Bagel and Becky Games category of games is based upon the latest show which started in Canada on Teletoon and we are certain that this category and the games will become really popular from the beginning. We always try to keep our website updated and fresh and we say to you now that the new content is always added and you can be happy for the games. This Teletoon program for children is the most popular program in Canada and this is why we are grad to present you this category Bagel and Becky Games. Well,this show is very simple to understand and the story of this category is the following: first of all, Bagel and Becky are two siblings, despite the fact that Bagel is a dog, and Becky is a cat, which aims to show us that even if two people are very different in their nature, they can still be family, well, this show describes the adventure that they have together but not before starting each day by eating one of Mom's pancake breakfasts. This two friends have an interesting life and if you want to discover with them the world you should start now because they are waiting for you and we are sure that they will like you and you will be very good friends. In their team, Becky is the energetic one just like dogs usually are. That means that Becky, who is usually cautious, has to get herself and her brother out of the trouble he makes. The new games is this category are adventure games and action games and we hope you will like them. If you want to win all the games you will have to read all the description and all the instructions that we will give you. He hope that you will do the games. Our website is glad that you chosen us and the little creature will be very happy if you will give us a like and a comment.