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What are Between the Lions Games?

Today here on we are presenting for all the boys and girls on our website the Between the Lions games category, a cute little place in which you can play a lot of logic, ability and animal games with different wild animals from the jungle. The main characters of the Between the Lions games category are going to be a small pack of lions, but you will see playing the Between the Lions challenges that there are going to be a lot of bears, monkeys, zebras or other wild animals that you can find in the jungle, savana or at the zoo. The series Between the Lions is an educational cartoon started in America, and it had a very big impact between the children that have seen even a single episode, because the Between the Lions category and series are focused on children and how they develop, so you can see that all the Between the Lions games are going to be interactive, and the little challenges are little things that are going to help the boys and girls to think faster, have better reflex and have a good perception of different things. The Between the Lions series has started to make the children read more, read better and to start to love to read in an era that is based on technology and computers, so we are sure that you will find this category different than any other animal games category that you can find here on our website. All the characters are living near a big library in the Between the Lions world, and they will have different atributes to the library and to the society. For you to better understand the Between the Lions games, we have prepared for you a short list of characters and what they do in the Between the Lions series, and we are sure that you can find interesting animals and stories that will make you want to play our games. As we sain, the Between the Lions games category is based on the story of a small pack of lions, but the main character is going to be Lionel, a baby lion that is only 7 years old and is in the 1st grade at school. Lionel is going to be present most of the time with his parents, Cleopatra or Cleo and his father Theodore or Theo, which you can see that love to read awesome bed time stories, which you can see in each and every one of the Between the Lions episodes. Barnaby B Busterfield III is a grumpy rock statue that is in front of the library where Cleo, Theo and Lionel spend most of their time reading books. Walter and Clay Pigeon are two little birds that Barnaby talks to very often, and you can see that they are going to be very present when library games are going to take part. Dr Alexander Graham Nitwhite is a very well known scientist, and he is a pelican, which is going to look funny for Lionel, but you can see that the pelican scientist is going to come here on our website with different education games, math games and chemistry games that you can play with all your friends. We are sure that with all these characters from the Between the Lions games category, you will have a great time, and that means that they will continue to appear here on our website and that you can see how much fun you can have playing educational games with animals. Have fun!