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What are Boonie Bears Games?

A new challenge is ready to appear here on, because dear friends you can see that every day of the week, we are trying to bring for you a very special and very interesting new online Girl games category that you can play with all your friends. In this new category, all the games are going to be around Frankie, because the name of this category is going to be I Am Frankie games category, and we are sure that if you are Nickelodeon cartoons fans, you have seen at least one of the I Am Frankie episodes. Frankie is not an ordinary teenage girl that goes to high school and plays with her friends in school or go out in town, because Frankie's parents are scientist, and Frankie is more than a girl, she is the very fist Nickelodeon girl robot that has artificial inteligence, and which has here own mind. Even though Frankie is an android, she is trying to have an ordinary life, but you can find out by watching as many I Am Frankie episodes that she has a hard time living like an ordinary girl, because she wasn't thought how to act in society, and you will have the chance to see which are the funniest and the most interesting adventures that I Am Frankie had inside the Nickelodeon series. The company where Frankie's parents live, are looking for their android, and that means that they had to move to a different city, and you will have the chance to take part of this awesome adventure if you manage to find all of the I Am Frankie games or Nickelodeon games that you can see only here on our website, and you will have a great time playing amazing challenges for girls and even for boys that Nickelodeon has already prepared. We are sure that you will find a lot of puzzle games, adventure games for girls, dress up games, and make up games, in which you will have to help Frankie look as much as possible like an ordinary girl, and we are sure that you will have a great time, and that Frankie is going to try and bring as many fashion and make up games with girl robots right here on our website. Frankie is going to need your help in each challenge, because she is going to need help to make sure that she can act like an ordinary girl, and for that you will have to be very careful and see how Frankie can learn new things, because her artificial inteligence allows her hard drive to soak in new information, and you will see that even though she is very smart, because she is a robot or android, Frankie needs people skills. Because she is very smart and very curious to become a real human being, she gets in different kind of trouble each day, and that means that you are going to have to help her stay safe, and most importantly, to keep her secret from all the other kids in school, because if anybody know that she is an android, the company that her parents worked for will try to take her away and be somehow like an experiment. Even though it's not going to be easy, we are sure that you will have the highest scores in each and every one of the I Am Frankie games from our website, and that means Frankie is trying to bring many other fun and interesting Nickelodeon characters with amazing games right here on our website. Play all of the I Am Frankie games here on our website, and we are sure that you will become really good friends. Find all the Nickelodeon cartoon games inside the Nickelodeon games category, and we are sure that you will meet with your favorite characters. Among Frankie, you will meet today with a lot of Frankie's friends and family such as Byron, Lucia, Andrew, Jenny Gaines and many other which you can find only if you look at I Am Frankie on Nickelodeon or if you play all the amazing Girl challenges and games that we have just posted. Have fun!