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What are Boyster Games?

Oyster Boy is the new character on the Disney Channel that we all love and with whom we want to have fun, which is why wants to create increasingly more Boyster Games online for fans and lovers of the series cartoon from Disney. Together we can find Rafik Boyster, Alicia, Shelby, Ozzy, Mr. Pluss are friends of this young child who fool and always fun. What makes this character is very special super powers he has, with whom can control water freezing and melting them, thus being one of the most admired superheroes in the city where he lives. Rafik is the best friend of Boyster, so who knows his secret, that is half mutant and as part of the family and on the other hand oysters fantasy and imagination playing tricks on them, always an air gandindu- be like if he could have magical powers such as super hero that you admire. Shelby's defense shield Boyster in games you have, in his adventures, without which Boyster fails to carry out the tasks they have to fight, fights and masked criminals who steal from his hometown.