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What are Bubble Trouble Games?

Bubble Trouble Games on our website have their own category because they are really that good, hence why we are now happy to share this page with you all, into which we want you to dive deeper, so allow us in the category's description to tell you more things about how the games work, so that you can give them your very best as soon as you start playing them, with us recommending you start off with the first one so that you learn more about the new mechanics and features as you move through them!

Learn to play Bubble Trouble Games online and have the best time possible!

Firstly, know that most of these entries here are also 2 player games, so you can play them with another real player together, in which case the controls you usually need to use are the following ones:

The W and Space keys are used for shooting with the weapons at your disposal. What will you be shooting? Well, bubbles, of course, but this is not going to be done like in the arcade bubble shooter games you are probably used to on our website, which we also recommend you check out!

You will assume control of one or two demons, depending on the format you chose to play in, and with the weapons, you have to shoot at the bubbles that are floating around in the air and bouncing from the floor or walls, so that you make them into smaller balls until they are small enough to get eliminated from the screen.

You can bet that in each new level, this gets harder to do, with more bubbles appearing, or they get separated multiple times, and you need to remember that if the demons get touched by them, you lose the level then and there. Sometimes the bubbles you shot will drop new weapons and power-ups, so make sure to grab them, but avoid items that will give you trouble instead, as the title suggests.

Through the original games in the series as well as the fanmade ones, the difficulty only increases, but so does the fun, and we're sure that you will love navigating this new world, you will develop your skills, focus, and precision better, and will have plenty of fun start to finish, with this or any of our other categories too, so just stick around on our website for as long as you can!