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What are Bunk D Games?

Bunk D Games is our newest game category in which we need to make sure that everything that you consider to be great or cool would happen as something awesome over there. In the beginning we are sure that you could manage to determine us to wait for you in there. It is certain that you could achieve evertything that you want in time over there because this new game category is totally for yourself and without you we are never going to be able to achieve something so cool and so awesome. Prepare to show us that you could be able to tell us everything that we need to see in there and become the greatest of all times. We need to see how are you going to deal in all these series because everyone and everything that you want in there is totally going to be something quite ready for you as nothing else before. In these bunk D games, we are sure that you are going to find your favorite characters that are totally going to be doing just as you say, in order to complete the quests or adventures that you could give them from time to time. Show us that you are never going to fail around here because that is what you are supposed to tell us from time to time. We need to see the things that you want and make sure that each one of you are going to be in the most special way every time. We are going to talk something about this category right now. We are goingt o have our main characters called Emma, Zuri and Ravi who want to go to a summer camp in an interesting place called Kikiwaka. They had lived in New York all their lives, so this is going to be quite interesting for them. If you wonder why this interesting name, well we are telling you that this is not just a name. It has gotten its fame from a nearby forrest monster that lives over there. It scares all the children each year and no one else would be telling them to make something different around there from time to time. They decided to go to that camp in order to see the legends and because their parents have met there a long time ago, so it actually have a family history. In there, they would have a lot of things going and they have to learn how to deal with the nature in order to survive, because it is really special and a great stuff that they need to make in order to do that. They have to do scout training and make sure they know how to make ropes, how to eat in the nature or how to make a fire just from some rocks. They are going to be rulled or counseled by two guys called Lou and Xender. Zuri is the friendly type of person so he makes some friends over there. His newest persons to meet are Jorge and Tiffany with which we are sure that you probably would consider theat they have a lot of fun with. Gladys is the owner of the camp and she do not like the kids, mostly because of the things that they do and she tries to get them out by scaring them, but unfortunately for her, she does not manage to do something like that. She does that, because she does not like her mom, and the rivality that she has with her. We are sure that you are going to have a great time playing these games in our newest game category and no one else is going to be capable of making you do anything else. It is you and only you who will decide how are you going to spend your days around here. Prepare from the beginning and do not lose faith in us because of the things that are going to be really important as nothing else.