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What are Captain Biceps Games?

Since 2010 we all made acquainted with the famous character Captain Biceps whom we love, which is why thought to offer you a series of online Captain Biceps Games so you understand increasingly better everything that happens to him and his friends. Captain Biceps is a superhero who has fists of steel, has the biggest muscles possible, which is why manages to fight evil villains and she will also win battles against villains they wear. For this it is believed a large baby, an intelligent man who obviously has drawbacks that are not comparable in this way. Its qualities are often jealousy, judgment and evident humanity, he has shared everything with strangers, with friends. Genius is the partner of Captain Biceps battle, which is why he tries to help him on all levels, trying to tell him what to do in different situations that we have, makes them successful plan to succeed battles always come home winner. President (The President) is a man tie, suit who sits all day in his office and give orders. It is very easy and bored, always playing all kinds of puzzles and logic games, but when you have a problem you can not solve his only solution is to address his biceps. Carmina Cantaloupe is a very caring mother, it deals with cleanliness in their house these super heroes, but also you have to know that Carmina has wrapped around her little finger of her son. Well these are the main characters of these Captain Biceps Games that we intend to provide to you for free to all players.