Corpse Bride

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What are Corpse Bride?

Corpse Bride Games is one of our newest game categories in which we are certain that you are definitely going to be doing everything that you wanted around here so that no one could ever question the things that you are about to make over and over again. Figure us out and try to determine something that only you would be able to make and we are talking about becoming really close to the position where everything that you like is going to be special. Show us what can you really do around these corpses and how can you deal with them in a lot of special manners. We would like to have a glimpse of what is going to happen in this cool animation movie. Our main characters is called Victor Van Dort, a rich and powerful young man, who had been arranged to mary Victoria, an interesting girl who is hated by aristocrats because of her way of living, that is why not everyone agreed with this wedding. One day when he tried to rehears the way she is going to propose to Victoria, he goes to this creepy and weird forest where a lot of things had occured in the end. There he puts the ring on an old tree, but that was no ordinary tree. It seems that the tree of where he put the ring on was something really cool because it was the corpse of Emily, a woman who was murdered there long time ago. So, Victor now was married to Emily, a corpse, which she drags him into the underworld where they have to live together. Emily gives Victor a dead dog as a wedding gift, which Victor seems to enjoy pretty much, but not as he hoped so. Victor tries to do everything in order to get back to Victoria and the real world, but it is not that easy with Emily over there. One day he tricks her in order to help him get back to the real world so that he could see his parents once again. While waiting for the permission of the underwold commander, he plans his way out and never to come back in there. As he was waiting for him to go and look at his parents she stood in the forest where he had married her. The others found out that Victor was with another woman and he had to do everything in order to get back and tell everyone the truth. Emily sees that he tries to kiss Victoria so a big problem occurs. She, angrily gets him back to the underworld where they would be supposed to live for the rest of their lives. Victor was devastated because he thought that he would never get back to his loved one ever again. Everyone believed that he had disappeared and would never come back because he was doomed to be married with that awful and sad bride, Emily. One day Victor finds out that the person that he loved the most, Victoria, was about to marry another person because that is how the way of live would be. He was devastated of this thing, and because of that Emily started to see that she has to let him go, and that he did not belong in there. She managed to free him again to the real world so he returned to Victoria once again, and that he would never let her go again. We are totally sure that you would enjoy playing all the games in this category and would try to figure out the best details in which something great is going to be happening. You need to read all the instructions that we would give you and after that you can play all the games that you wish for, and never get back as it was before. Good luck and do not forget to leave us some feedback of how the game was supposed to be after that.