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What are Cowboy Games?

Playing Cowboy Games online is the next best thing after, well, becoming a real cowboy, which is something we are sure that many people fantasize about, but would not leave their lives in the cities behind for. Of course, modern cowboys are not like the ones you have seen in Westerns of the old, both in cinemas and on TVs, because modern cowboys have more to do with the actual raising of a cow, than those in the Wild West have had, who were more into the shooting business.

Still, whatever kind of cowboys virtual experience you want to have here, we got you covered, and we're sure you will love all of the content we bring you on this page, as we plan on developing this category to the best of our abilities!

What is a cowboy?

Cowboys and their jobs might have originated from Spain and other parts of Europe, but it is in North America where this term was coined, and it was used to talk about the men and women (cowgirls) who tend the cattle ranches in this part of the world, herders specializing on this mammal. Very similar to them are wranglers, but instead of cows, they take care of horses.

These men were known to wear Cowboy hats, which are quite large, as they need good protection from the sun that is always above them when they work, they had whips to use in controlling the herds of cows, they were leather boots, jeans, shirts, especially flannels, and they would ride horses as not many other men could. Of course, sometimes they might have had dogs to help them.

Now, of course, some cowboys were more associated with outlaws, because that was what they were, whether we are talking about stealing, murder, fighting, and other bad and nasty things they would get to in the days of the Wild Wild West, which was called like that because of how dangerous those times were.

Whether you are trying to be a good one that tends to his farm and her, or the bad one shooting it up with ranchers, bounty hunters, or sheriffs, our category has it all for you!

Come check out the best Cowboy Games for kids on the whole internet!

Without no doubt whatsoever, cowboy shooting games are and will remain the most popular sub-genre of this category, where you become either a criminal, a lawman, or a regular farmer that handles guns, using them to shoot targets, most of the other characters that you are having a problem with depending on the storyline, or even non-human targets to improve your skills with.

Play Rodeo Games online and help the cowboy ride the cow or bull, trying to hold on to it for as long as possible since those animals will definitely try to throw you to the ground, or use your red cape to attract them and perform an amazing show, while still keeping your life.

If you're in no rush or need for action, and you want something more relaxing, try cowboy simulator games where you learn how to herd the animals on your farm, or just play cowboy dress up games where you make sure that when they go outside to work they are both stylish and useful.

Plenty of fun awaits you here, so give this category a chance right now and discover all of its wonders of the past and present, maybe even the future!