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What are Crashletes Games ?

Hello everybody and we are glad to see you again, especially because you seem to be interested in this special games category, entitled Crashletes. Maybe you wonder from where does it come the name of this category? and this is such a great question so we are going to find out this soon, in this description, but firstly, let's find a couple of things about the origins and characters of this TV show, because Crashletes is a great and notorious TV show! This special TV show is created by New England Patriots' manager, Rob Gronkowski and alongside Rob, there are some other helpers, basic characters in this awesome show, the comedians Brandon Broady and Stevie Nelson, so judging by the professions of the last two, you could know easily what is the purpose of this show. The goal of this awesome TV show is to impress the kids through making them laugh because as you know, the laugh is the best treatment for any possible dissease! However, New Englad Patriots is a famous American Football team, an American team of course so Rob Gronkowski, being a former player, a Super Bowl Champion and one of the most titled sport men in the history, has thought that it would be so cool if he would mix the sport with the entertainment, and the result is so great, Crashletes! Rob, the special host, with his almost permanent special guests, Brandon Broady and Steive Nelson, presents to you, in every single episode from this reality show, because it is actually a funny and sporty reality show, every kind of funny videos or vines from the sporty world. There are invited all kind of sport people, famous or not, professional ones or amateur, to present their fails when it comes to a sport, any of them, fails captured on the camera in order to show to every kid it and get so many laughs. It's a special kids show, so that's why it's running on Nickelodeon, one of the most famous Channels for cartoons. Crashletes is not a cartoon, but a special reality show as you already know but it is funny anyway. The athletes from different sports, depict there, live on TV their worst fails possible and this way they prove that they have a real sense of humor. In every show, there are other and other special guests and all of them have new material for you guys to present. This is such a cool idea and that's why we have thought that it would be so cool if you had the occasion to play a couple of special games on this category, games with the characters from this awesome TV show, as the rest of your favourite shows which already have categories on our incredible gaming site. Now, when it comes to the name of this game, it simply explains everything because it is made up from two different words, Crash and Athletes, which results Crashletes so it's everything the athletes' crashes! This is so simple and logical too! However, here, in this awesome gaming category, you can find all kind of awesome and so cool games with Rob, Stevie, Brandon and any sport men in the business! Adventures like puzzle challenge, coloring tasks, jigsaw matching games or even memorizing tasks are only a couple of the types of games waiting for you in this so special gaming category so waste no time and start enjoying our special games, brought only for you, those one who are fans of Crashletes or the ones who haven't heard yet about this awesome American TV reality show, but you are though curious about what's the matter with this show, after reading all these! It doesn't matter the type of category you are, we wish you all good luck and enjoy these special games right now, rating our games if you liked them! We are looking forward your reactions after trying our games from this thoroughly created category, so see you there!