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What are Cyberchase Games?

Cyberchase Games is based on one of the longest-running television animated series for kids and teens airing on PBS Kids, which is the children-targeted branch channel of the Public Broadcasting System of the United States of America, a channel whose mission is to create shows that are both fun and educational all at the same time, which is sometimes that has also become synonymous with the PBS Kids Games based on it as well, and there is no category of them that embodies this more than this one!

STEM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, which is the abbreviation used for the most popular domains in school and works for the past few decades, and it is the world of these fields that we explore through this show, which is deeply intertwined with all things technology, as you will learn right now as we give you more details!

Play Cyberchase Games online unblocked to become a master of technology!

The Cyberspace is where most of this show takes place, a digital realm that was held together thanks to Motherboard, which was kept functioning by Dr. Marbles, all until Hacker turned against them, and he has unleashed a virus on it. This was indirectly caused by his getting freed by Jackie, Matt, and Inez, the CYBERSQUAD which we follow through the show, our protagonists.

Because it was their mistake that caused all this big mess, they remained in the virtual space to save it from the Hacker and his minions, such as Buzz and Delete, and through the various games with Cyberchase you play here, you also help them towards this goal, while solving puzzles and logical questions that make your brain better!

Now, let's introduce this group of three friends, and more:

  • Jackie is 11 and is obsessed with keeping everything neat and organized, but you should know that bugs gross her out.
  • Matt is the same age, all about skateboarding, so of course, he is also really talkative, impatient, and springs into action before thinking things out.
  • Inez is slightly younger, as she is only 9, but she is the smartest in the gang and has the best vocabulary thanks to that.
  • Their virtual tour guide is Digit, a cyber bird who used to work for Hacker until he realized his bad ways, so he now hopes to save Motherboard together with the three human kids he befriended.

Among the many things, you will learn and experience by playing Cyberchase for free we can mention:

  • learning to estimate
  • cracking safes
  • how to double numbers or other math equations
  • all about electricity
  • how to recycle and save the environment
  • improve your rhythm and pattern skills
  • save parks
  • become a railway hero
  • or even get rid of bugs in the system

Each new game poses new questions and helps you find their answers, and if you properly follow instructions and guidance, you will be able to solve any kind of puzzle put before you, have adventures too, and see just how brilliant it is to both learn and play all at the same time!