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What are Deer Squad Games?

Deer Squad Games online are now unblocked and free to play for kids all over the world directly in their browsers, on our website, and we want to put emphasis on the globe-trotting aspect of the show they are based around, which is produced in China, where it is one of the biggest kids' animations, and it is being broadcast in the USA and other parts world-wide on Nick Jr, where it is equally as well-received by children! It premiered in 2021, and in January of 2022, a brand new second season also made its premiere. Don't worry about not being familiar with this world, as we're going to introduce you to it right now!

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As you would have guessed from the title, the series follows four deers, all best friends with one another, and they are called Kai, Lola, Rammy, and Bobbi. Their house looks like a boat, which is in the forest, not on the water, and this forest also doubles down as a park for humans to visit and relax, and they come to it from the nearby city. Whenever people or animals in the city, forest, or park, have troubles, the four deers transform into superheroes who save the day! Let's see what each of them can do:

  • Kai is yellow, is the leader of the group, and knows everything about the latest tech, even how to build it. He can use a hovercraft, and his main powers revolve around water, with the elements being primary to this team.
  • Lola has a car that can fly, is always useful, is pink, and has the power of the woods.
  • Rammy is the biggest deer in the team, a big red one who handles the powers of heat, and with his race car, he can transform it into a robot horse that leaps very high.
  • Bobbi is small and green, but don't let his size fool you, because he can talk with any animals, has earth powers, and has the practice of making the sweetest desserts.

Sir Steel represents the series main antagonist, a balding man who does anything he wants, even if it causes damage to people, animals, or nature because all he cares about is making more money, so the squad needs to intervene in his destruction, sometimes non-intentional. He has his own scientist called Professor Scratch, and a pet poodle called Muffin.

Other characters include Ian, a duck who is friends with the squad and likes to keep the park clean, all the while taking care of his ducklings, Tina, the green turtle, Fifi and Sasha who are twin swans, Ricardo, the squirrel that is always pulling pranks, and Catherine, a young and very nice female crocodile.

No matter what games with Deer Squad you will find here to play, make sure to do it, since you will have tons of fun while also learning valuable lessons all the time, with the most important ones being about protecting nature and the world around us!