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What are Detentionaire Games?

Detentionaire Game is a category that will definitely appeal to you, with games full of action and adrenaline, youth, teens eager to live in suspense and danger always risky strategies insane after years of high school friends who make a bunch of nonsense for fun. Detentionaire Game is an interesting category, dedicated to children who know how to live life at school, where you have fun, not just to learn, because the fun you will remember the years of school when you grow up, and you will remember with such dear stupid that you did it together. Surely you will not remember that 10 took to the field, is insignificant. Detentionaire Game is a category that we are sure will appeal to you, but first, if somehow you do not know very much or you never even heard of Detentionaire we thought to give you some details to be aware of everything happens. Detentionaire is an animated series, first published on Teletoon on 12 semptembrie 2011. It was created by Bryan Franklin and Charles Johnson and produced by Tracey Dodokin. The series comprises a total of 53 episodes, which if you have not seen advise you to start looking on the internet because you will regret only when they finish. The story of this serial has in the foreground a young, Lee Ping, entering grade 10 and make a lot of crap from day one, so it is sent to prison, and is not a normal one, but a prison for all year, so you have to help the benefit of school, to clean, to stay after school and many activities unsatisfactory. After it is sent to prison, every day it becomes an even bigger challenge, trying daily to escape from prison and find out who said teachers trazniile that he has committed. Every time you want to escape, helped by the best friends of Camillio 'Cam' Martinez, Holger Holgaart, Biffy T. Goldsteinm, Tina Kwee and many others because it is a popular guy. While trying to escape daily, until you fail. . . We invite you to watch the show to see you alone that is because we are sure that you will be in the 9th heaven after watching it. Brandy Silver is another character in the series, very popular and that is always the boss. We invite you to play all the games of this category and so, I advise you to watch the show because it deserves Detentionaire.