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What are Digby Dragon Games?

Welcome again on our play-games.com website, we missed you. Well, because of the good weather which is outside, we thought to add today a new and awesome category for you and we hope you will like it. In the beginning of this year, Nick Jr has started to release a new show and because we know that you love to play on our website and you love to play such as good games that we add every day, we thought to add this new category, because is fresh and you will love it, the category is for everyone, girls can play the games, boys can play the games, everyone can play the games because are educational and good games. The category that we has spoken to you up, which is fresh, is called Digby Dragon Games, which we created inspired by the new cartoons called Digby Dragon. Since this cartoons entered in the shows, every kid watched and searched on the internet the games and probably the cartoons, but they at that time were disappointed because they could not find anything about this show. But now we are here to make you happy and to show to you that we thought at you. Before to put this amazing category we will present to you the story and all what you have to know about this category and about the games. We already searched information which to refer at this category and we find some good things which we will present you in the rest of the instructions and description. A group of children which will probably be very happy about this new category and games will be the Romanian one, since Digby Dragon is an new and full of surprises category of games added in their country too. Another think that we heard, not long time ago is that thing that this category has a good base on fans and this thing is good for us because it means that this games will be played a lot. This show has a pretty good ratings and it means that is probably going to stick around and we are definitely happy about that because we want that our games to have a good quality for you and after a short time another good quality games will be created in order for us to bring on your face love and smiles after playing this games. In all this good new are a bad news too, that makes us a little bit anxious. There are changes that you might have ended up here by mistake, you browsed the categories and thought this one would be interesting. Well, no meter the case of how you ended up here, the main and the certain thing is taht you have to stay because for all the thing in the world, the bad things or the good things, you have to stay here by the ens to play thins new games in the Digby Dragon category because you have this opportunity just once and you do not have to put this opportunity not in you mind. We are trying to make this category and this description captivating for you and now we will present you all the information that you need to know about the show and about the games, about the characters and so one. Digby, as we told you up, is the main character in this show, he is a dragon, a younger one who is in the stage when he learn how to fly, thing that he can know how to do so far. But, of course, he is not the only character in this show, he is joined by his best friends called Chips, Fizzy Izzy and Grumpy Goblin. The fort friends, together, spend the most on their time together and in every episode they are going to make amazing new adventures in Applecross Wood, their land. Because the show is brand new, there are not many games to add but we promise that we will add some new games in this category as soon as we can because we are happy when you are happy and we what to make you happy. In each episode you will look, you will see the four friends when they will have adventures and you will be entertained by them because they are very funny and you will love them. And of course during their adventures with them, you will learn new things which you will be able to make in the real life and which will help you in your life. As the show is in the beginning, of course will be released more games, you do not have to be sad, but until that time you are invited to play on our website other games like this, educational games too. If you do not have something clear and you want to ask us something, you are allowed to answer us by a message and we will reply as soon as we can. All we have to say now, after this long description that you have to read is that the main thing that you will use in this games is the mouse. You will have to do different things whit the mouse but we will tell you this in the instructions of the games. Our website for playing the games always makes children and persons to be happy and we hope that we made you have this time too. Go now and play the games, do not wait, go go go now! We wish you good luck and see you soon with another new categories and another new games. After you played the games you can leave us a comment and we will be thankful and happy. Bye.