Digimon Adventure Tri Games

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What are Digimon Adventure Tri Games?

We will tell you about the two main chapters of this play. Our first one will happen three years after the original Digimon series when Taichi Yagami is going to be in high school and learning lots of new things. Strange things happen in his town, but he does not notice them because of his problems with his friends there. Show us that you will never achieve different stuff here and that everything you consider tremendously cool will occur like nothing else. From time to time, things get to the end and appear normal, but not on this one. A Kuwagamon showed up to be the one causing the malfunctions that were damaging the town, and that was how everything was about to go correctly.

After that thing had appeared, it seemed that their Digimon device of Taichi had turned on, and with his old buddy, they would try to do everything they could so that nothing wrong could ever happen to the town. They are about to fight hard on all these things, and nothing else could happen in such a case. Gather everything you need on this one and prepare us for something important here and there.