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What are Donkey Hodie Games?

Welcome kids to the Donkey Hodie Games category now available for free on Play-Games, where we will always make sure to create pages for the newest and most interesting new shows on the networks you watch every day, just like it is with these new PBS Kids Games. Donkey Hodie is the newest show airing on this children’s network, and it is the newest spin-off from Mr. Rogers, and the second one on this channel, next to Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

Like with any other Mr. Rogers Games online or that have been inspired by it, you will have a complete mixture of fun with educational elements, so when you are playing these games for free on this page not only will children be entertained and time will fly by doing so, but they will remain with lots of new information in their heads, and their skills in various areas are going to certainly improve!

Come into the world of Donkey Hodie!

Firstly, know that this version of the Donkey Hodie character is not the first one around, because this one is the granddaughter of the original character that was present in the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood series. She lives in Someplace Else, a magical land where everything is possible, and every morning she wakes up eager for a new adventure filled with fun and discovery, as she is ready to face whatever comes her way, and that is one of the main traits that make her beloved by her entire community.

Kids have frustrations and problems in their life too, just like adults do, and it might be a bit harder for them to navigate them, considering they are very young, and this is where Donkey and her friends come in, as though the stories presented in each episode kids can learn how to deal with problems with a brave face and a smile, and their adventures will be unique ones where their imagination is used to its limits!

Like with any other stories for kids, our main character is not alone in her adventures, since she has trusty friends, as all kids should try to have, and they are Purple Panda, Bob Dog, and Duck Duck, each with their own personalities, needs, and wants, and, most importantly, their own abilities, so when these four puppet animals get together to do something, they will always achieve it, and they will never back down!

What are the best Donkey Hodie Games for kids to play here?

That is the question you are most curious about, no doubt, and we love that our answer is the following one. The series of games with Donkey Hodie is off to a great start, as it began with two new games from the get-go, one being called Donkey’s Froyo Stand, where you help Donkey set up the most popular ice-cream stand in town and sell the delicious dessert to everyone, as well as the Art Pals game, where you enhance your creativity through arts & crafts, coloring, drawing, decoration, and the like.

A world of fun, friendship, and learning await you, so give these games a chance right now and have fun like only here is made possible!