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What are Dr. Dimensionpants Games?

Dr. Dimensionpants Games from Cartoon Network is a new animated series that surely you've seen on TV, which is why the team Friv-Games.com thought to offer you a series of games with Dr. Dimensionpants because the only way you can get acquainted with the most beloved of cartoon stars that we hope you will love them just like us! The show was created by Brad Peyton and aired on Teletoon and on November 6, 2014, and every game is about a 12 year old boy named Kyle Lipton it was a normal boy, until which opens a magic door where he falls in hands a pair of pants, jeans, salopoete we, who possess super powers that no one knows anything. That moment she completely change life because you have to learn how to control the universe and to rid the world of villains and the city where he was born his name Ganderville. Along with Dr. Dimensionpants game will you meet including Kyle Lipton, who is a good friend of his and together think the best strategy so that all their missions have a huge success with his horse is a unicorn that was not -You never seen, and it offers premiere Friv-Games.com online. Dr. Dimensionpants Games Feicare game will be offered in online mode free for all those who want to play and add their Facebook profile these images and games Dimensionpants.