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What are Ekans Games?

Ekans Games is a brand new category coming straight from the Asian part of the Cartoon Network media empire, specifically India, based on the show also called Snakes Awake or Ek Se Badhkar Snake, but it is the first name in the title that everyone will recognize it from.

We don't see many sci-fi and superhero shows that combine both these genres in the world of animated cartoons that often, which is another reason why we are happy to have created this page, and if you are totally new to the franchise, you need not worry since all the details you might need will be found here, which will definitely convince you to start playing the content here straight away!

You can now find and play the best Ekans Games online for free only here!

Ekans is a 13-year-old boy, whose name spelled backward is SNAKE, which is his alter-ego name, and it fits quite well, since his ability is to control snakes, mostly robot ones designed by him and his team, but he can also have some influence on real ones as well, so he is quite the double threat to villains everywhere!

He is given these powers by a nagamani thanks to his amazing personality and good heart, and he combines those with his incredible brain to save the day whenever it is required. He can sense things around him, camouflage to hide or sneak into places, and his strength and flexibility are top-notch, so no villain can escape him.

Package all of that into a super-suit, and you've got Ekans! He has friends backing him up, and people to protect, but most importantly, they all come together to help him defeat any threat of a villain that appears his way.

Thanks to the incredible popularity of the show, the franchise had expanded into a special called Ekans: Origin Story, but also with two movies:

  • Ekans – Hero Ek Villain Anek
  • Ekans – The Mystery Of Three Gems

Of course, what you want to know most about is our games with Ekans Snakes Awake online, the first one being called Jetpack Blast, which is going to give you the chance of handling his power suit equipped with the device to reach the skies, where he can survey the territory and take out any potential threat.

This is just the beginning of what we think will be an amazing category down the road, so make sure to come back here as often as possible to catch all the latest new games we bring you into it, and other categories too!