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What are Elinor Wonders Why Games?

Elinor Wonders Why Games is a new category of PBS Kids Games that are both educational and fun at the same time since the ethos of the channel is to provide learning experiences through fun episodes, and ours is to do the same with the games based around these amazing shows, and we are sure that as soon as you start playing the games, you are going to agree with our decision of sharing them with you here right now and here!

Seek knowledge and fun with our Elinor Wonders Why Games online!

The theme of the show is exploration, as it encourages the kids watching it to ask questions when they don't know something, or are curious about it, and develop this skill that will help them find the answers they want and need. Elinor lives in Animal Town, she is a bunny, and the most inquisitive of them all, always observing things around her.

Science, nature, and peer-to-peer relationships are all things she is curious about, and as she learns about them through the episodes, so do the children aged three to six that are watching her at the same time. She isn't alone in her adventures but is joined by friends Olive, an elephant girl who likes making charts, and Ari, a bat boy living in a cave with a lot of imagination.

Two of the main characters that they learn a lot from our Senor Tapir, who likes to sing about the famous explorers of nature in the past, and Ms. Mole, who always has a good story to tell which is not only fun to hear but filled with important lessons.

We will now give you the titles of some of our games with Elinor Wonders Why online, so you can see what to expect, and get you even more hyped about them, as you should be:

  • You can join Elinor's Nature Adventure
  • Learn more about Ari's Wonderful Ideas
  • Have a Curious Campout with friends
  • Discover the Nature Sights & Sounds
  • See what the Backyard Life is all about
  • Cook in the game known as Soup's Up
  • Watch the Birdy and learn more about it
  • Live a wonderful Pond Life
  • Hide and Seek with your new trio of animal friends

Of course, these are just a few examples, as we are sure that more of these games are going to follow here soon enough, as the series is still going strong, and you should be certain we will be the first ones sharing them with you, so being on our website daily is always going to be fruitful!