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What are Escape Games?

Now that most people can’t really go to escape rooms to tease their brains and challenge themselves, the best next thing to do is play some Escape Games online, with our team here at Play-Games having developed over the years a big and awesome category of such games for you to enjoy, games about which we want to tell you more right now and here, so that you know how much of an awesome time you can have, and maybe even learn how they are played, in case you are new to this genre.

How to play Escape Games online for free

You’ve already done the first step, which is coming over to our website, but escaping games can come in various formats and have different kinds of gameplay rules, so we will now go through the major ones, the ones you will find here the most so that it is easy to play them.
You can view most of these games as interactive puzzle games because you usually only need to use the mouse, with which you click around the things shown in the location you are put in, and your primary goal would be to get out of that place.
You might want to find a way to not attend detention class, you can visit haunted houses out of which you want to run out of as fast as possible so you are not caught by ghosts, demons, and monsters, or you might be placed in restaurants, temples, or the room of a favorite character.
With the mouse, you have to interact with your surroundings, and each new clue that you discover will help you find another clue, and when all of the hints have been taken note of, you will be able to get out and be free!

The best Escape Games online for kids

First of all, know that there have been various interactive puzzle games created in this genre where you play with some of your favorite characters and help them escape their situation, such as Ben 10, Rapunzel, or Mr. Bean.
There have also been made different original series of escape games for browsers, which have their own storylines and characters, with one of them being the Five Nights at Freddy’s Games series, or FNAF Games, for which we have even a dedicated category.
In these games, you are a security officer that has to survive the night in a diner that is haunted by robot dolls that have come to life and want to kill you, so you have to use the cameras and the lights to stay alive and escape out of it in the morning.
You can also play the Princess Juliet Games where the cute princess somehow manages to get herself kidnapped by orcs, enemy soldiers, or get stuck in castles all the time, so help her find a way out, and in a similar manner, you can play Monkey Go Happy Games, with a monkey that needs to escape various situations.


For as long as we have been familiar with them, escape games online have only brought lots of fun to those playing them and helped them improve their brains and various other abilities, so don’t hesitate a bit, and start playing them at once!