Exchange Student Zero

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What are Exchange Student Zero?

This anime-based card game will take you to another world where everything you wish for will be the best thing ever. One day, something exciting happened to them, and they somehow managed to bring one of the anime characters to life. His name is Hero, and with some booster back and a storm, they could do it and managed to surprise everyone who knew. So, to hide Hiro from the dangerous situations in which he could be put, they brought him to school and told everyone that he was an exchange student from Japan. But he was not the only one who came to Earth in that portal. Many others managed to do that, and they were not willing to do good stuff, only bad ones. So that is why they have to send everyone back so that the portal can close once and forever. Prepare to handle all the things that will come over there because Hiro has to go back as well, so that portal can close. 

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