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What are Fangbone Games?

Fangbone games is our newest and greatest game category that we are totally sure you would be happy all the time to play our super cool games that we totally need to try over here because that is what a true gamer like you would be doing all the time. First of all, everything that you need to determine over there is to look at all the instructions that you would be glad to hear and after that we are sure that you would never get into any problems at all. It is for sure a great game category but if you do not try a lot of things over and over again you would not be able to win them with all the stuff you had learned. Try to learn the instructions first, and not move further because if you do so you would never be able to figure out the things that are important for us. Believe it or not, Fangbone is totally sure that you are the greatest for him and that you would fit in just right to complete all of his challenges. Fangbone is an animated serie that has yet not appeared on screens, but we are waiting for it because it would happen pretty soon over there. Show us what are you capable of and if you would be really happy for something like that, then move on because we are going to find it in all the situations that matter. It is a great story and we are so happy that you are here to hear it. It features a young boy of only 9 years old that has the name of Fangbone. A sort of weird name, but we are sure that you would determine everything in order to complete it without any problems. He got his name by his father who was a barbarian from the northern islands. He, just like him would be a warrior one day and that is why he needs to have a great name so that he would be given all the respect that he can get over there. Prepare for something that is really going to happen and show us that you would be really capable of believing in us like no one else did. He is going to be learning at the elementary school, where he would be put in a lot of adventures with the other kids and his new made friends. He is going to be learning lots of new things, because he would be put with normal children to school and that is what would totally make him feel a little bit different. Bill, a geek from the class is going to be helping fangbone in order for him to complete all of his missions and he would learn to become the greatest from here. Go ahead and teach him that you are going to make some really interesting facts from there on, and so you would understand everything that is to be done for them. He has to do some interestin missions in which he is about to determine which land he has to save in order for the world to be safe. There are going to be a lot of games that you have to play over there, and we are sure that no one would ever question your behavior. Show us what can you really do over there and if you would move everything in the way you decide then you would never get lost in time. Go ahead and move in all the situations that you are going to be put with us. Never back us down and win everything that you have going. We need to see that you are going to understand all of fangbone's purposes in there and if you would believe in the things he is about to say to you. Try to settle down everything that he has to conquer and in that way nothing bad could ever occur to him. Believe in us and in everything that we are about to tell you. The games that you are about to play would be really nice and nothing else is going to be happening in the wrong situations then. You need to ensure us that nothing bad could ever happen to fangbone, because his sidekick Bill is going to be with him all the time and would never let anything happen to him. Go ahead and show us what can you determine while being with him. The games that you are really happy to play are quite nice and no one else is going to ever doubt the situations that you would do to win.