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What are Firebuds Games?

Firebuds Games has just dropped on our website, not one day later after the premiere of the show on Disney Junior, cementing once again why our website should be the main destination for kids all across the world who want to find and play games bases around their favorite shows on television since whenever a new one appears, we share it with you.

Well, this is also a big event because the show aims to teach children about how important first responders are, such as firefighters, men, and women alike, but also medical staff, police, and other institutions like that which you would find all across the civilized world.

It does so through fun episodes to watch, which are both educational and entertaining, and through games with Firebuds online, as the category's first one, called aptly 'Save the Day', where that is precisely what you will be doing, one task after another until everyone's problems are solved!

The children at the center of the show are the kids of professional first responders, who are taught by their parents how to be true heroes themselves, and in their missions, they have the help of taking vehicle sidekicks, on which they can always rely, on land, in the skies, or in the water.

They are:

Their main teachers are Chief Bill Bayani and Chief Faye Fireson. Of course, the show just premiered, so the world is still expanding, as it is that of Firebuds Games online that you can play for free, but one thing you can count on is that we will be the first ones sharing them with you, so come back here as often as possible to play them!