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What are Florrys Dragons Games?

Florrys Dragons Games is another great game category, that we are sure you are going to have an awesome time playing and winning all the levels that you are totally waiting for around here. Prepare from the beginning and try to settle down everything that you wanted because no one else is going to ever tell you the things that are going to come back from place to place. You have to use all the things that you need in order to gain the experience that this new category is going to test you around here. Prepare from the start and enjoy all the things that you need because otherwise you are not going to be the best at it. We are going ot talk a little bit about the story of the category, and the main part that we are sure you were looking forward to hearing from us. Well, as you have probably already imagined the main character of this series is going to be Flory, a little princess girl that has everything that she ever wished for in a castle. Over there, everyone loves her, and probably even fears her from time to time because of the things that she posses. It seems that she has some great dragons, that are tamed by her and they are going to listen to every single fact that she is going to tell everyone around there. We are sure that you are going to like her a lot, because her best friend is one of those dragons , and the one that she loves the most. That particular dragon is not going to throw fire by his mouth, but bubbles. With those bubbles he has the ability of making everyone around there really happy and make a great deal of everything that you have ever experienced. They are going to be going to different adventures and play all day long, because they belong to eachother and everything that you wanted to hear over there, is not going to be pleasing you to do different stuff from now on. We would like to see how are you going to deal with all of these dragons because otherwise you are not going to believe in us like this. This amazing stuff that you are looking forward to see in there, is for sure a thing that you would enjoy to become the best at it. Prepare to see the things that you would enjoy over there, because the best dragon that she has is her best freind. His name is going to be Dear Dragon and he is the one that is on the good part. The princess does not know any of the other dragons so good so she does not stay with them over there. There are other dragons that she knows such as Toot Toot, or one of the musical dragons called Splish Splash. Or there is a Magical dragon as well, and others that you are for sure going to be looking forward to seeing there in time. We are sure that the others you would like as well. There is one flying dragon called Zoom Zoom, or Casimir the Wizard dragon. They are trying to explore and see the whole world by their eyes, and we are totally happy that you can be with them as nothing else before. You have to make sure that all of these dragons stay good and they don't do any harm to the world. If something bad happens you have to get into action and make them good again, because that is how a dragon should stay forever . You need to stay close to all the dragons that you are about to meet, because they are going to be with you and you have to maintain your position as their princess. Good luck and we are totally waiting for all the things that you want to tell us about it.