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What are Friv 2018 Games?

Friv 2018 is our new game category where you will find the newest games from friv portal. First of all we would like to inform you that here on Friv 2018 Games our publishers will try to add as much games as they can, but just new games, the best games that can be played on friv because we know what friv games you like to play in this year. We think that in two thousand and eighteen we will have a lot of HTML5 games for kids, for girls and boys, games with cartoon personages from Disney, Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network. As you know here on you can play friv 4 school games in 2018 as well, but if you like to send us an email to tell us what games are you interested to play in 2018, we will try to reply you and of course to add these games for you and for our players. In Friv 2018 Games we will add every week minimum 18 games from different categories, but in specially for boys, games with car, minecraft, shooting or fighting. In next year the gaming network will work different for players, because any website with online games will try to add just games that can be played from ipad, iphone, or any other phone, but what is very important for players these games have to be playable from different device: PC, Ipad, phone and here on we will publish just HTML5 games in 2018 for free.