Friv 2020

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What are Friv 2020?

Friv 2020 is the most awaited category of our website, where you will find the newest games of 2020 for free. Since we know that all kids are just waiting for an interesting new game to appear, we thought of creating this category of games where you will be able to discover the coolest games from all the categories published on the site.

2020 Games for Boys&Girls

For beginners, you will be able to try any game you want, whether you choose girls 'or boys' games, because in this category we will add games from different sections of the site, games that are interesting and that arouse your interest. In order to improve the category of 2020 games, we invite you to vote for each game you try, to leave us a comment so that we know if the game was good or not to recommend it to other children. In general, games in this category are designed to please boys, for this reason, games with cars, driving, horror, or even shooting will predominate in this category, but we will try not to neglect girls either, which is why we will try to bring in this category games in which you will be able to learn to dress, to style, to put on make-up or even to knit clothes.

Friv Games for School

Since many children are accessing these online games from school, we thought of adding only games that are accepted by the servers in the school and also by the most important universities. Many of the children who play these games do so by accessing a computer in a school, during the break between classes, which is why it is very important for children to be able to access these games and not be blocked by school security systems. In the future, we will try to create more games that will be accepted by the most important schools, and in this sense, logic and thinking games will predominate in this category.
At the bottom of the category, you will find the most played games for the current year that can be played on the computer and also a separate top of online games that can be played exclusively on mobile, for children who want to be up to date with coolest games for smartphones. At the top we chose to create a special section of original games, in this section, you will find only games published by major brands such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel.