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What are Friv 2021?

We know that you are all excited for 2020 to be overdue to the Coronavirus Pandemic, and for you to have another reason, we are telling you that starting from today on, here on our website you are going to start finding a new games category! The new Friv 2021 games is going to be live starting from today, and you will see how many interesting games for girls and boys will start to be published in this new category starting from today on, and all of these games will be able to be played even on your phones and tablets for free, and most importantly you will not be disturbed by Ads, because they will all be original games.

We may have got your attention by now, and you can see that inside the 2021 games category, all of your favorite characters from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Netflix, Boomerang, Disney Channel or Disney Junior will have a place together, and you will see that the games with start from little girly challenges of dress-up, makeup, makeovers, hairstyling challenges or even spa games with princesses and other characters to Monster Truck driving, adventures and superhero missions that you can start and try to have the highest score possible each time that you try playing.

It's not going to be easy at all, because dear children you will see how diverse these games are going to be, but you will see that old characters such as the Casagrandes, the DC Superhero Girls, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Spongebob, Ben 10, Mighty Mike, Apple and Onion or Mao Mao are going to be ready for you to play together single-player adventures, shooting games, adventure challenges and even racing games for kids. 2 players games for boys will also appear in this new Friv 2021 category, and you can see how much fun you can have defeating your friends.

You dear kids can see that you can find any type of game that you like inside the Friv 2021 category, and that means that from shooting challenges in which real warriors like the ThunderCats Roar, the Teen Titans Go superheroes, the DC Superhero Girls, Spiderman, Superman, the Teenage Mutant Turtles, Dennis and Gnasher will all bring for you shooting challenges, action games with special missions, adventure in which you will explore different sci-fi worlds, alien planets and even different kids of worlds that we don't even know how to describe are going to be ready for you to play.

Cute little kindergarten and educational games will also be present in this new category, in which you can learn how to spell, how to count, how to create different sentences and even create long essays for school with Curious George or the entire series of Ready for Preschool games from Disney Junior. The Sesame Street characters will also continue their journey here on our website, and you dear kids will see how much fun you can have playing these exciting challenges.

These are all games that you can play with amazing characters that we already know and love, but dear kids in 2021, new stories, new cartoons and new movies will appear in cinemas and on TV, so you can see that in this new Friv 2021, there are going to be new characters and new stories that you can play with starting from today, and once the games are published, you can find them in the main meny and you will be one click away from finding out which are they, and which can be your new favorite Friv game.

We are going to show you a shortlist of new cartoons and series you can watch in 2021, and you can start looking for them right here on our website: The ABC with Kenny G, Ada Twist, Scientist, Angry Birds: Summer Madness, Arcane, Dino Ranch, FriendZSpace, Honey Bear Bery, Monster At Work, Maya and the Three, Mechamoto, Mickey Mouse Funhouse or Rugrats are a few of the characters and stories that you will see inside this new category, and you will manage to make new friends and earn a lot of points together.