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What are Friv Boss Games?

Do you feel like a boss? Or, maybe, you hate your boss, and would like to get some revenge on him? Or, maybe you are here just to have some frivolous fun with games that are a really great way to spend some time and waste it around. Either way, you did the right thing by coming over to Play-Games and this category of Friv Boss Games online, where you’re about to have tons of fun provided by a wide range of diverse games!

The importance of our Friv Boss Games category.

Well, this category has been created with the intention of bringing into it some of the best online games from friv, because sometimes you might not even know where to start, that’s how many of these games are out there.

Well, we’ve gathered the best from each genre, and they are all available to be played for free, some being playable on mobile devices, and some of them also being playable even if they are flash games, thanks to the implementation of the Ruffle software.

What are the bossiest Friv Boss Games?

If you like cars, we definitely recommend taking a virtual tour of one of the coolest cars in the entire world, the BMW i8, which is an electric sports car with a really cool design, a design that you get to customize, both outside and inside of it, and you can make it your own!

In this same genre, we can offer you installments from the Car Eats Car Games series, where you try to survive the tracks and the cannibal cars looking to eat you, or you can play Disney Cars Games, based on this beloved series of Pixar movies.

Maybe you were thinking about becoming a dentist in the future and would like to get some free practice with no risks at all, all the while having an adventure. Well, that is possible through classic games such as Glenn Martin Dental Adventure.

This might seem like a body-oriented category so far, but that is far from true since we’ve got friv games for girls as well, such as a few Love Test Games where you can find out if you and your crush are meant to be together, or explore the seas with Moana from Disney.

Some of the games you find here are original ones not based on shows or movies, such as the Angry Gran Games, one of the best running and jumping games series ever, and if you like solving puzzles during your adventures, you have to try Adam and Eve Games.

As you can see, there’s something for every boss out here in this category, so we hope that boys and girls from any age and any part of the world will now start giving these games a chance and have fun, and then come back to our website as often as possible, since new games are always down the pipe, just waiting to get released for free, day after day!