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What is Online? Online Online is one of the greatest and the best adventure game you have ever played, where you have to kill so many innocent people in order to keep alive this being who you are going to control! It will be a great and so dangerous Piranha fish and as you know the Piranha fish are carnivorous so let's get to the work right now and do not stop until you finally make your Piranha so increased, big and fat and finally satiated. There are going to be so many kids and another people chilling at the water's surface so you have to swim at its surface too and to bite and eat all the people around here in order to make sure that your Piranha fish is going to be the biggest one possible and another important point in this special game is that you have to dodge and avoid another bigger fish which are going to come and eat you if you do not dodge them! Advance the levels from this awesome game and make sure that you will successfully be the best in this amazing challenge. Go for it right now and become the best and the most incredible in this brand new adventure alongside this Piranha fish.

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Use the mouse