Find A Gap

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What is Find A Gap?

Find A Gap
Find a Gap is one of the most incredible adventures and ability games possible and it is also an insight game, which offers you the occasion to run with this special stickman, who is in the adventure of his life, literally talking. This special stickman is going to go through some of the toughest moments in his life and if you do not pay enough attention, you will make his life end right there.

Use the arrows in order to run and jump from side to side so let's make it happen right now before there is going to be too late. Do not forget to be the most incredible and amazing and go for it right now. Find some gaps between the roof and the floor, the gaps where you could hide from the moments when the floor and the roof are going to touch themselves so let's show off your amazing and so awesome ability and insight spirit right now.

Get to the work and make this stickman escape alive from this special game achieve as many points as it is possible. Show off your abilities and adventure spirit right now, before there is going to be too late. Do not forget that the most incredible thing about this game is that it is almost endless so it's up to you!

How to play?

Use the arrows

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