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What is Online? Online

Pick up a name, it doesn't matter which one, one which will represent you and let's get this mission started right now! The main thing you have to do in this special game will be drifting, of course, with these special vehicles and cars, which are not going to be that easy to be driven, not because they have a kind of difficulty from factory, but because of the rush traffic, because there will be a lot of other online players with their vehicles which will try to stop you from getting completed and accumulated as many laps as you can because this would make you the winner. Use the mouse in order to control the vehicle's direction and accumulate as many laps as it is possible without running out of health and be the best in this super challenge right now. Good luck for the last time and crash onto the other vehicles in order to make them fail and for improving and upgrading your car, you will need some points which will be earned by winning races and accumulating some perfect laps!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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