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What is Online ? Online Online is not just another io. online adventure but it is actually one of the most fantastic and so awesome adventure and strategy game possible, a totally RPG challenge which must be played with so much attention by you so let's get to the work right now and help your hero upgrade itself and getting bigger and bigger, as he passes through the levels from this game. Do not worry, because there will be a lot of players and you can become friend with them, requesting their friendship or you can start this adventure and journey alone in this country, full of monsters and all kind of things which could be dangerous for your traveler. There will be many more other skilled players from all over the wolrd so you do not have to mess with them but to find your missions, follow your path and this way you will become bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger until you will be able to successfully accomplish the final missions from this special game. Good luck in this brand new adventure challenge and be the most incredible in this RPG strategy game. Good luck for the last time and do not forget to collect or buy other weapons for killing easier!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys

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