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What is TenTrix?

TenTrix, just as a classical Tetris game, challenges you to overcome your skills and talents when it comes to this cool and so amazing skills and arcade game but right now, there is not talking about a classical Tetris game, because the pieces and the colored blocks are not going to fall from upside and you can change and switch their position, but they will be in the bottom side of the game screen, in random order.

Your mission will be to use the mouse in order to drag them from there and put them in the square panel which will offer you so much space for all of them so do not abuse of it and if you run out of space, because there is no time in this game, this is the only way you can lose this game. Good luck in this great adventure and the good news is that as in a classical Tetris game, if you match in a row the same colored blocks, they will vanish and they will also add so many points to your scoreboard.

Good luck and have a lot of fun while you are playing this perfect and cool ability and arcade game and have a lot of fun and use your logic!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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