Hippopotamus Care

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What is Hippopotamus Care?

Hippopotamus	Care
The new game will put you to work hippos, you have to take care of it, to wash him, to give him water, to give him food, to dry it, to ride it and have fun with it as only so you'll be able to make a good friend with beautiful Hippo that we all love it increasingly more. First you have to take the fluffy brush and specially made ​​so that you manage to remove the excess skin of the hippo to be able to wet the brush and then the water was able to get the foam and wash it better. Once you have washed hopopotamul rinse and dry as quickly, you will need to do so in order to become one of the most famous hippo in the area.

How to play?

with your mouse you have to take care about this Hippo, in this wonderfull washing game with animals.

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