Glitch Hunters

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What is Glitch Hunters ?

Glitch Hunters
A brave hero from this special video games industry has prepared to you this cool and so awesome adventure, where the main goal is to kill and destroy all the bugs from this forest, graphics forest which consists of a lot of virtual trees and this kind of special stuff which will be a great opportunity for your hero to hide sometimes when the bugs and the glitches become too many.

Of course, this is not going to be actually easy, because the bugs which will attack will be so many and they will also be so dangerous, having some great weapons which must be avoided and dodged by you. Run through this forest as soon as it is possible and try not to get caught by them or this will not be so good for you. Shoot them using the SPACE bar and try to get as soon as it is possible at the end of each level and try to make them damage the graphics of this game as little as it is possible.

Prove that you are the greatest in this game and stop the bugs until the whole game will become a total glitch. Stop only when you think that you are done and make sure that the graphics from this game are still untouched until at the end of each level. Become the greatest and kill all the bugs and glitches, as a real glitch hunter.

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, SPACE bar

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