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A tadpole is so little and small and with no experience so you have to help him successfully grow as big as it is possible, turning into a real from, powerful and so big. This is not going to be easy at all because it will take some time as the real life growing because the little guys need patience, even more if they are some little and helpless tadpole. Use the mouse in order to switch the diretion of this tadpole's way because it will permanently go forward so you only have to adjust his way and direction so good luck and have so much fun. This time, touching your enemies is not going to be enough for you to kill them or you won't be killed is the bigger ones touch you but you have to plant some traps for them and you only will be able to do this if you collect the sparkling dots, which will give you some stamina and such a great power and the ability to plant and set traps. Good luck for the last time and become a really great and so big frog so let's get to the work as soon as it is possible. Show off your skills and talents and help this frog grow!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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