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What is Online ? Online Online is a great online surviving mission, which offers you the occasion to use the mouse in order to switch the direction and to drag successfully the trajectory of your worm in order to lead him to the right sweets, necessary for our guy to increase itself and get bigger and bigger. Before of everything, you have to know that using the mouse won't be enough for you because you need to pay close attention to the other opponents, which will be next to you, in the following game. Being an online adventure, a lot of adventurers, all over the world, would like to play this fantastic adventure and they want to become them the greatest players ever, getting the biggest worm in the map, which is actually the goal. Eat the sweets and focus on eating the bounch of sweets which contain more and more special bnouses in the sweets so let's get to the work right now, before there will be too late. Avoid crashing onto some obstacles which could kill you, for example another worms, bigger than you and focus on eating and growing!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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